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  • "She taught me to see the signs and symbols that surround me."

    My first session with her was in 2006. She said to "just listen", and then she began our session. Before I asked one question, she described someone who was not my mother but was like a mother figure to me. She mentioned a name, and that is when I knew Mary Jo was the real deal. My stepmother's mother was a major influence on me as a child, and the name Mary Jo mentioned was my step-grandmother's middle name, which her close friends and family members called her.

    From that day forward, Mary Jo became my spiritual teacher and mentor, and I continue to learn from her teachings today.

    Mary Jo is at her best when you ask her more than questions that require a yes or no answer. Instead, she really shines when those questions are searching for deeper insight into yourself, your circumstances or if you are looking for clearer life direction.

    Through her I gained valuable information that has helped deliver me from years of depression and showed me how to make a clean start with a greater spiritual focus. She taught me to see the signs and symbols that surround me, and the messages they convey, as well as how to listen to my own spirit.

    Because of her, my own gifts are developing, and the quality of my daily life has improved.

    I am a witness to her spiritual gifts, as they have touched me in a profound way.

    She changed my life, and I will always be grateful to her.

  • "You were right on target..."

    In 1998, I visited you while grieving my newly deceased husband. As there were legal problems brewing, you told me not only what the amount of money involved was, but when I would be served more papers and other such matters. You were right on target. To me, this was exceptional and comforting. It made me strong to face the situations and to learn that there are many other facets of healing, receiving guidance, and tapping into a source I had never known or thought existed. What a Godsend you were to me.

    Thank you and God bless you for sharing your gift.

  • "Keep the faith..."

    I want to thank you for YOU! Thank you for the giving spirit that you embrace your audience and give them everything you have.

  • "For the first time, i felt i was having a personal conversation with him..."

    I had to tell you again what a great session you gave me. When I received my tape in the mail, it only validated what I was already feeling. This may have been the closest I felt to Mac in any of our times together. It wasn't that he said more than any other time but it was the content of what was said. For the first time I felt I was having a personal conversation with him. It was like the three of us were sitting at a table having tea and conversing. His comments seemed more personal, flowing and natural.

    Mary Jo, many of the things you said I had heard him say before in just the way he would say them. In some parts, we were talking about things and feelings that I had wished that we had discussed before he passed over…things I thought I would never get to hear before we met again one day. But I get to have those words and feelings now. I cried the whole way through the tape, but it was good tears this time.

    Again, please know what a difference you have made to this one, grief-filled person. You are amazing and I know that Mac must be feeling the same thing. You have made this painful journey a lot less painful and I will be eternally grateful.

    God Bless you

  • "Thank You!"

    Mary Jo, I hope you know how much my readings, your teachings and workshops have helped me deal with the issues and struggles in my life. This is especially true in dealing with the death of my son, my divorce, and parental and child issues. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If I haven't told you enough...thank you!

  • "You really have a gift from God!"

    I spoke with Mary Jo recently about the death of my son. She really helped me. Even though I have strong faith, the reassurance of his living soul and the joy in communicating with him have me elated. In my personal session with Mary Jo, she hit on many personal topics, names, and dates. I knew my son was present. During the reading, I was so emotional I didn't know who or what you meant by some things until I hung up the phone.

    Thank you, Mary Jo. You really have a gift from God.

  • "I'm on a new path of healing and understanding..."

    I am so thankful for being led to you in unexpected ways! So many times you and The Guides have given me messages of wisdom and insight that still have me saying, "Oh my goodness, that IS me," or "That's so true!" or, "Thank you for making that so clear!"

    Bless you for using your very special gift to help so many people learn about their life and their purpose in it.

  • "Mary Jo's true beauty is revealed through her glorious light from within..."

    "People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." - Elisabeth Kubler Ross...

    I love that quote because it is so true and because it was when I went to hear Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross speak that I serendipitously met Mary Jo McCabe. What a gift!

    I knew nothing of Mary Jo or anything of the metaphysical and spiritual worlds. She was just another attendee there to hear the famous author of On Death and Dying. During conversation after the program, Mary Jo was asked something about one of the theories presented by Dr. Ross. I was impressed with her reply and asked if she were a psychiatrist. One of the ladies then answered with an explanation of Mary Jo's spiritual gift. I was intrigued and curious to learn more of this exciting dimension.

    I could not wait to attend one of Mary Jo's seminars to begin a fascinating journey into the spiritual world. That was 21 years ago and I continue to be fascinated by her God-given ability to help others; not by healing their pain, but by lessening the load of their cross by sharing her vision and knowledge of a world we have yet to connect with in this time and place. There have been countless times in my journey of life that her words have placed my steps forward when my heart wanted to retreat.

    Yes, when darkness sets in, Mary Jo's true beauty is revealed through her glorious light from within.

  • "Let's Share..."

    Please let Mary Jo know that her messages from The Guides resonated on so many levels for me and I hope to be able to share some of the wisdom received with my friends. She truly is a "nice" person who has special and unique gifts. We are so fortunate that she has found a path to share this with others.

  • "You gave me the direction to just hold his hands..."

    I never had a chance to thank you for helping me with my father. You have always been my angel and have always guided me in my life. I took care of my father for over two years, seeing him get better and also seeing him decline. One day I called you to get some direction as to what I could do for him. Before I said anything, you knew his condition. You gave me the direction to just hold his hands. I also knew in the core of my being that to help my father, I had to be there for him. This was the hardest decision of my life.

    I helped my father and nursed him back to recovery. My father's body began giving up after two years of tug of war. During this time, I held my father, holding his hand, hugging him, and letting him know that I loved him. Right before he left this world he gave me a gift. He had the biggest smile on his face. That was a miracle in itself because he couldn't move or even smile because his body was in such a state upon his death. I thank God for this miracle, and more importantly I thank you, Mary Jo, for giving me the extra push when I needed it.

    Mary Jo, your insight has always helped me.

    Thank you!

  • "You have enabled me to reach a clarity..."

    Mary Jo, your ability to find the truth that a person needs to hear is amazing. You have enabled me to reach a clarity that I had been searching for and to move forward with decisions that have a deep impact on my life. Mary Jo, thank you so much for your gifts and your willingness to share them to help with decisions that are both life directing and heart lifting. Bless you.

  • "You and your work have literally saved me in more ways than one."

    Mary Jo, words cannot describe what you have done for me. You and your work have literally saved me in more ways than one. After my accident I became more open to God, the universe, and the many helpers we have on the other side. I first came to you for a reading as a medium, nothing more, just to see if any one of my lost loved ones had anything to say. I had no clue of the path that I would take as a result of that meeting. Although it was a wonderful experience to hear from my father, sister, and stepson again, that portion of the meeting was NOT what I thought of on the ride home, or the next year for that matter.

    You started the meeting by telling me my life history. You gave specific dates and situations I was in during those times, along with reasons as to why I went through them. I found myself starting to think back to those times and could not get over how accurate you were. But in doing that, I had to relive those times all over again. As hard as it was to feel those pains, it was also therapeutic as I went through that self realization and acceptance. I could not get over how much pain I completely erased from my memory. There was still much more blocked out, but I felt I was on the right track of forgiveness, not only in forgiving others, but myself especially.

    Even though this was healing for me, I felt even more lost somehow. I made another appointment with you. I couldn't afford it at the time, but I also felt I couldn't afford not to either. On the way to my appointment I felt guilty for spending money I did not have at the time, but still felt compelled to go forward. So I decided that would be our last meeting unless "God gave me a sign" at our meeting that I was on the right track.

    You probably don't remember this, but at the end of our session you told me about a class you were starting up twice a month and thought it might benefit me. I looked at you and immediately thought; "Is this my sign?" But, then I thought this could NOT be my sign because God knows I cannot afford this right now. So I thanked you but said I couldn't afford it right now. Without hesitation you looked at me and said; "Please come. I'll give you the first six sessions at no cost because I really believe this would benefit you." Needless to say I was speechless.

    This could not have come at a better time as I had not realized how desperate my life had become. The universe knew it more than I did! When the three months were coming to a close, I casually mentioned to my sister that I was upset about not being able to continue in the classes due to finances. Without a thought, she said; "Denise, I know you have given me thousands of dollars when I was broke over the years. Now I can afford to help you, please let me pay for your sessions until you get on your feet!" I knew this was God's way of giving me another sign.

    I am now on my feet again. Not just financially, but also spiritually and it was through you that I got there. You might be a medium and a psychic, but that it not why I am in your classes. When people ask me who you are, I tell them you are my spiritual advisor/teacher. God led me to you because he knew you would save my life.

    I could not tell you how many times the ONLY hope I had, that kept me going, was knowing there was another meeting with you and your Guides. It was encouraging to know that there were loved ones out there who cared deeply about my well being, about my self worth, about my being worth every moment they struggle to get me to hear my inner voice, and know that my inner voice wants nothing but my true happiness.

    Your meetings have not only made my relationship with God a closer one, but helped me to know myself better and like myself more. They have given me hope, a sense of peace, and knowing that no matter how many times I fall, I am worth getting back up again. We are all God's children and he/she EXPECTS us to spill our milk every now and then. It's not that we spill it, but how we clean it up - that matters.

    Mary Jo, you have been my mentor. I can never express all that you have given me, as the list is still growing. Please know that when ours paths eventually part and you have a moment one day contemplating why you are going through this, or questioning the worth of it, KNOW that there was one little lost birdie that found her way home thanks to you. I am sure there are others out there that feel the same as I do. You are a wonderful gift from God and I pray you have all the love, joy and happiness this life can offer. GOD BLESS!

  • "The daily messages have been so profound."

    Just gotta tell ya... the (Insider's Club) daily messages have been so PROFOUND... look forward to them every morning and I am always amazed!!!!!!!

    Thank you... thank you... thank you...

  • "I noticed that mary jo had such clarity as she spoke..."

    I would love to have a reading and possibly participate in an upcoming retreat and/or seminar. I saw Mary Jo at a Whole Life Expo sometime in the early 1990's. I still marvel at the experience; as I sat in the audience listening with great interest, receiving the validation I was searching for following the death of my only child (greatest teacher and friend), I sat transfixed wondering if there might be something wrong with my vision for a moment ... as I listened to the information Mary Jo shared regarding translating symbols and interpreting other information as shared by guides and loved ones who have gone on before us... I noticed that Mary Jo had such clarity as she spoke, that I could actually see through the right half of her body (as she spoke to us from the platform). Mary Jo's vibration was so high and so incredibly clear that I was made keenly aware of our own Divine Nature and the gifts shared by our angels, guides and "teachers" who dare to blaze the trail to be of service to others. To this day, even with all of the other wonderful experiences that I have had over the years, noting the incredible clarity of not just the message, but the messenger. I have recently been thinking about having a reading to gain a clear perspective and provide some validation regarding my path and discover why I struggle with releasing the remaining resistance that keeps me from moving forward... and within days... one of my more recent bereavement clients mentioned that they had just had a wonderful reading with a woman named "Mary Jo". I knew that "Mary Jo" had to be the same woman that I had been blessed with hearing share her gifts and insights so many years ago.

  • "All three of us were just in amazement that night..."

    I recently went to the John Edward Seminar in Long Island where you signed my book. I was amazed at the message you gave me. You wrote, "In 2003 my truth was revealed. Now see it through." This has been on my mind ever since that night. I went there with two friends. One also obtained a message. The other one did not buy the book because it was sold out; however, all three of us were just in amazement that night. You are a very gifted person and I personally look forward to having a reading from you and for you to teach me to be more successful in life, from the personal to the professional. I feel in life people come to you for a reason and I hope our paths will cross again.